Know your audience better with Sherlock AI

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Imagine this: You’re scrolling through social media, lost in the sea of cat videos and political rants, when suddenly an ad pops up for the perfect pair of hiking boots, not just any boots, mind you, but the ones you just saw in a store which you visited a couple of times, which is far away from where you live. You visited anyway because the store offered a great discount on it!

Here’s how it works: Sherlock AI analyzes location behavior, and it learns your preferences which further enables any business, big or small, to augment its digital marketing journeys

Geolocation tracking lets businesses pinpoint potential customers like a treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Imagine a coffee shop targeting ads to folks strolling past during their morning commute, offering a free pastry with the purchase of a life-saving latte. Or a local bookstore sending personalized recommendations based on the libraries you checked out across the street (because let’s be honest, libraries are still cool).

Precision targeting translates to serious savings for businesses. Customer acquisition costs plummet as ads reach only the folks most likely to buy, like casting your fishing line into a tank full of hungry piranhas (metaphorically speaking, please don’t fish for piranhas). 

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility! Privacy concerns and the potential for misuse are real.  But with Infinite Analytics’ careful regulations and ethical practices like complying with CCPA and GDPR, Sherlock AI can be the secret sauce that elevates digital marketing from bland cafeteria food to a Michelin-starred feast for both businesses and customers.

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