We Are Infinite Analytics

Founded on the mission to enrich businesses through AI-powered consumer insights,
we’re pouring our expertise into a platform to help you realize your limitless potential.

About Us

Born out of MIT's advanced technological expertise and based in Boston, we've been pioneering in the AI field for over a decade. Sherlock is our brainchild, a groundbreaking AI platform that offers an unmatched level of understanding of consumers.

Utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning, Sherlock vigilantly tracks and decodes the daily behaviors of more than 350 million consumers globally. This cutting-edge technology unearths a treasure trove of consumer signals, equipping you with the power to make truly informed, transformative decisions.

But we're more than just an AI platform. As a strategic partner, we're dedicated to helping you harness AI's limitless potential and propel your business into a future where every decision is grounded in deep, precise data. Welcome to the world of Sherlock, where data-driven insights meet decisive action. Your transformative journey begins here.

Our Leadership

Akash Bhatia

Cofounder | CEO

Puru Botla

Cofounder | CTO

Erik Brynjolfsson

Board Member

Rich Arnold

Board Member

Pravin Gandhi

Board Member