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AI is Boosting Airline Operations Too. Here’s How!

by Team IA, May 21, 2021

AI is certainly helping the aviation industry become its better self by changing the way we travel as was discussed in our last blog. AI also plays a big role in the operations side of airlines. Let us have a peep into how AI is boosting airline operations.

Analyzing Feedback

When you are in the business of providing a service, you are constantly looking to make the service better. Airlines use AI to make air travel less stressful and more enjoyable by using data to iron out the pain points of customers throughout their travel experience, right from entering the airport to taking the flight. Feedback analysis using AI helps in thorough market research and rational decisions can be made by the service providers. By using AI, airlines get a list of services/areas on which they can improvise. The PureStrategy platform uses Automated Neural Intelligence Engine to give categorization, data review, visualization, and sentiment analysis to the air service providers. PureStrategy also smoothes the process of finding a flight, book and paying for it, and thus providing a seamless experience for the customers.

Revenue Management

Big data is applied to the industry to arrive at a strategy to sell the product to the right target audience at the right time in a cost effective manner using the right mode. Revenue management is built on the thought that the customer’s perception of the product and the  money that they are planning to spend, relies on the target group they are part of as well as the time of the purchase. Revenue management professionals use AI to adjust ticket prices for various markets and look for effective  distribution channels, and also manage seats so that the airline is profitable but customer friendly at the same time.  Revenue management professionals study data on customers while the airlines try to know their customer behaviour better and know their preferences enough to provide them with the transport options they would like and happily spend on.

Automated messaging

In the event of flight delays or loss of baggage, travellers go through a hard time. This is when they want to reach out to airline personnel or customer care for a response and require their immediate attention in resolving the matter in a particular time frame. If this interaction is not smooth it is quite likely that the customer will not choose to fly with the said airline again. AI-backed softwares like Coseer helps in automating the responses from the airline to ease the customer service workflow for a better overall service. This can also be done using chatbot development.

In-flight sales and food supply

Did you know that about 20% of food made for in-flight catering is wasted every year as what air travelers eat or not depends on a lot of factors including the day and time of travel, and even on the destination. AI can help minimize food waste by analyzing data of in-flight sales and customizing the offerings. With this the supply and demand of snacks on-board will reach a near perfect ratio and food waste will be minimized.

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by Team IA

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