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  Incredible, Unbelievable, Surely you are joking, Mr. Bhatia (an ode to Richard Feynman, I guess!) – These are some of the emails/messages I received to my mailer three weeks back. The mailer was about how India’s answer to Casper Mattress – Flo Mattress (Direct-to Consumer Mattresses) got a 39x ROI on their digital marketing spends using the...
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IA drives 39x ROI for Flo Matress’ Digital Performance Campaigns! Flo Mattress is India’s most intelligently designed Mattress-in-a-box. It is India’s answer to Casper Mattress in the US. Infinite Analytics’ path-defining AI platform has been at the forefront of driving their digital performance marketing campaigns for the last couple of months. IA’s platform consumes data...
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