Decoding the AI Landscape: Types, Applications, and Business Impact

Artificial intelligence is reshaping technology and business operations. In this brief overview, we’ll explore the key types of AI and how businesses are leveraging its diverse applications. Types of AI: Business & AI: Businesses are reaping benefits from AI, including: Examples of Businesses Leveraging AI: Sherlock AI: Sherlock AI stands out for connecting extensive datasets […]

7 Secret insights about Pet Parents


Pet Owners: Secret Insights of pet parents in India Sherlock AI embarks on a cute mission this time. It identifies people who have pets in Mumbai & Pune and understands their consumer behavior. How does Sherlock AI even identify if someone has a pet, you ask? That’s the beauty of it. Sherlock AI can understand […] reaches high-intent target audiences by understanding user behaviour has been constantly getting better at helping clients reach out to not only their target audiences but ‘high intent’ target audiences or those who are most likely to convert into their customers. This is done by analyzing and understanding different datasets – Visitation Data, User Behaviours, Purchases, and Digital Footprints.   How does Sherlock […]

Case Study: How Sherlock AI helped Tata Motors acquire consumers and reduce CAC

Following up on our previous post, Tata Motors, a USD 4 billion leading global auto company and an Infinite Analytics client, in its diverse portfolio, includes an extensive range of cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, defense vehicles etc.  They saw a whopping 75% reduction in Customer acquisition cost (CAC) upon using Sherlock AI. The client started […]

Online Grocery Retailers Ride The AI Wave for Customer Acquisition

As Machine Learning has become more accessible, more retailers are leaning towards adopting it for customer acquisition. The same is also true about online grocery retailers who are trying to strengthen their relationship with customers using AI and ML. AI uses personalization and other tools to provide better experiences to customers. How are online grocery […]

How Starbucks Is Winning Customers Using Big Data

Through its loyal and rewards program, Starbucks could gather a huge amount of data, which it then used to its advantage to drive more sales from existing customers. With its  30,000 plus stores globally, it rakes in above 100 million transactions each week. Jon Francis, Starbucks’ Senior Vice President of enterprise analytics, data science, research […]

How beauty brands are leveraging AI for customer acquisition

The global cosmetics market size has been projected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027. How this fast growing industry is leveraging AI is something we all can learn from. Customer acquisition is a big part of revenue generation but even bigger perhaps, is customer retention. L’oreal got its head in the right place with its […]