SherlockAI Pinpoints Ideal Locations for New Coffee Shops

Revolutionizing Store Location Strategy with Advanced Insights

When a global coffee brand was considering expanding their footprint in Mumbai, they needed more than just conventional wisdom to make their decision. SherlockAI layered multiple data points, such as the prosperity index, college locations, office hubs, and existing customer behaviors, to identify the ideal spot for the new coffee shop.

5 Million

Anonymized Users


Data Stacks Utilized

2 Weeks

to the first output

The Challenge: The coffee brand wanted to open new stores in Mumbai, but wasn’t sure about the best locations. Traditional strategies would suggest setting up shop near competitors, but they sought a more data-driven approach to make the best strategic decision. They needed to understand where their potential customers were and what their habits were.

The Outcome: SherlockAI combined various data layers – our prosperity index, locations of colleges, office hubs, the volume of people going to these hubs, and even the number of people frequenting existing coffee shops. With this blend of location and behavioral insights, Sherlock AI provided the coffee brand with optimal locations for their new shops – locations predicted to attract a high volume of their target customers and maximize profitability.

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