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Virtual Clothing Could Be Your Next Fashion Investment: Here’s How and Why?

by Team IA, November 14, 2021

Customers are logging in to digital fashion stores and browsing digitally generated outfits which are customized (read photoshopped) to fit the users pictures or videos. These pictures or videos can then be used for online appearances of the users across social media platforms. Digital clothing is quite a departure from real clothing as in reality it doesn’t really exist. In the times to come you can use these clothes to wear to the virtual conference rooms and even dress your gaming avatars with these clothes the way you wish. Animal crossing even held a virtual fashion show with avatars donning the season’s looks.

The metaverse is coming and if we’re going to be spending more time in virtual worlds, there’s one crucial question: what are you going to wear? The answer lies in the Instagram feed of British influencer Daniella Loftus who quit her job with a fashion consultancy to work on her website, This Outfit Does Not Exist, a platform dedicated towards the education, exploration and exhibition of digital fashion. Explore her Instagram feed and you shall be bedazzled by the glass dress by a digital designer or a golden metal prom dress or even the fairy liquid dress by Tribute Brand who specilize in contactless cyber fashion. Besides, IL3X even launched virtual face masks in collaboration with Missoni on Instagram. Some products sold as physical products were also reproduced virtually. Fashion greats Dolce & Gabbana too dived in as it sold USD 6 million of NFT merchandise in partnership with UNXD, the digital marketplace.

The pandemic too contributed to the onset of digital fashion as a trend. Locked in their homes people often complained about their outfits not being able to wear those and go anywhere. We have already written at length about AI-powered chat-bots, voice recognition technology, and virtual showrooms which helped customers in getting a step closer to their purchases. 

From the first digital-only dress called ‘Iridescence’ designed by Fabricant (sold for USD 9,500 dollars), when people were doubting if the world was ready to buy non-wearable (in reality) outfits, to now when luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton’s are selling ‘skins’ for video game League of Legends (players buy outfits for their characters for USD 10), the digital clothing trend is here to stay.

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by Team IA

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