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Valentines’ Day, Ahoy: The Future of Love With Artificial Intelligence

by Team IA, February 10, 2021

Until now, team Infinite Analytics, has told you how AI has been applied in vaccine distributionhealthcarelocation-based ad targeting, and customer-experience enhancement among others, but would you believe if we tell you that love is another aspect of human life that is already being revolutionized by AI? It is 2021; and a chance meeting at a book reading club or a single-malt appreciation session is no longer the ideal ‘how we found love in each other’ scenario you are likely to hear. A dating app or a website, then, you ask? Maybe or maybe something even more powerful such as an AI-powered algorithm which lands you right into the arms of your closest possible life partner.

How Does AI Play Match-Maker?

Want a man that looks like George Clooney? Your wish is answered. Badoo, a London-based dating app, uses AI-powered facial recognition tech which allows one to find a match that finds lookalikes by a simple photo upload! Dating apps of yore were designed to keep suggesting matches till you found ‘the’ right one – albeit, by yourself.

AI is advanced as it plays match-maker and does the matching for you itself. With the application of Machine Learning to these dating apps, the match-making process gets nifty. The more data it has on individuals, the more likely the new-age apps are to provide you with your nearest match. And there’s more! Just as AI is used to detect monetary fraud detection, it can also detect patterns of individual behaviour, and report any suspicious activity apart from reporting fake profiles which are commonplace. Trends also point towards DNA matchmaking (using genetic information to find matches) which is poised for massive growth in the future.

Is A Loving Robot Up Your Alley? | Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism simply means attributing human traits such as emotions to non-human entities such as robots. The 2014 sci-fi movie ‘Her’, told the story of a writer in near-future LA who develops feelings for an AI system. Efforts are being increasingly made to make AI-powered robots to project human emotions like love and sadness. Some men may have found love in Azuma Hikari, a virtual assistant is a holographic AI, sold by the Japanese company Gatebox. ‘She’ is projected in a cylindrical-shaped tube and performs the functions of a partner such as talking to her male partner/owner in an affectionate tone, greeting them or waking them up, reminding them to take an umbrella if the weather forecast is rainy. Though such tech meets a lot of criticism the fact remains that people are using it.

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AI-powered future does looks ‘love’ly!


by Team IA

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