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Three AI Tools For Content Creators

by Team IA, September 25, 2021

The increasing use of AI has led to unprecedented advantages for content creators across the board. As new AI tools are created people such as journalists, content writers, bloggers, vloggers, scriptwriters, and many others doing similar work can benefit immensely from the new tech. Three tools which are already much loved by the creative content people include:


The free tool which is available as an extension of the Google Chrome browser helps content creators make their own podcasts in a customized way. Besides making the podcast, one can also use Podcastle to transcribe the podcasts, create and edit content, convert text into podcasts, easily record live interviews (with a host and two guests), and so much more. Once you create an account with them and choose what you want to do, you are guided by step-by-step instructions via tutorials to do the rest. By using Podcastle you get 45 minutes time of one-time audio recordings for free, audio processing, as well as four hours of monthly audio recordings for free.


If you are a writer and face the problem of repetitiveness in your work due to its mundane nature or any other reason, QuillBot is your solution. It is a paraphrasing tool which helps you rework your writing. QuillBot works in a synonyms mode and another mode without them. In the synonyms mode the tool keeps the meaning of the original sentence intact while changing certain words, and in the other mode it changes the order of the words but keeps the sentence natural. QuillBot comes with a summarizer, a citation generator, as well as a grammar checker.To use QuillBot all you need to do is upload a document or paste the text that needs to be paraphrased and give the command. It has a free version for you to try out before opting to use the paid version if you find it suitable and helpful.


If you are a video content creator who is always in a rush Synthesia is a tool you must try. Using Synthesia you can make videos which are 30 mins long and you have the option using an avatar or custom backgrounds. Its USP is the availability of 50 languages, the option for synthetic or authentic voices, background music and PowerPoint capabilities. One can use it for services such as video  chatbots, personal videos, or training videos. While you can create free demo videos to know your way around the tool, they have separate personal pricing and custom pricing.

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by Team IA

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