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The Curious Case of AI The Copywriter

by Team IA, August 27, 2021

The rise of AI as a copywriter has been made possible with natural language processing tools which create computer-generated writing. These tools are given various parameters on the basis of which they general content i.e. an ad copy, an ad copy for Instagram or a website, an ad for a newspaper and so on. It is proving to be true that, “AI doesn’t feel like AI anymore.”

Around two years ago, JPMorgan Chase signed a deal with a software company, Persado Inc. which uses AI to realign the marketing communications of the company. Post the trial period, JPMorgan Chase witnessed a 450 % increase in click-through rates on advertisements, hence proving the ad copy generated by the AI bot was definitely effective. JPMorgan Chase, has, since then, expressed it shall be using this AI-based tool for functions such as online adverts, promotions through email, and perhaps even promotions via snail mail besides using it for internal communications and customer servicing. However, JPMorgan Chase also denied speculation about downsizing owing to the use of this tool. The tool uses a copy written by human staff and then runs through six parameters i.e. narrative, calls-to-action, formatting, emotion, descriptions, and word positioning. It then goes on to provide endless combinations by tweaking these parameters.

Companies such as eBay too are using AI for copy purposes. With this widespread use of AI, there is widespread fear of an AI takeover of the copy space. There is however no truth in this fear as this AI for copywriting is currently only being used by those whose requirement of copy in numbers runs into thousands. Even if it is used for a small number of copies, there still needs to be a human interaction with the client to get the copy approved among other interactions. AI has a long way to go to be able to perform all these tasks. AI in copywriting doesn’t come cheap either. So big companies use it for a greater volume of work but when it comes to niche products even big companies bet their bucks on human copywriters.

AI tools can easily be given the title of ‘Assistant Copywriters’ as they work hand in hand with the copywriters to improve their work. It cuts simple tasks such as ensuring compliance, for example, words a company does not use in its communication are omitted. AI by virtue of having a data pool can help copywriters in their research. AI-backed tools also speed up their work while there is a bevy of AI tools which can help them in writing custom adverts.

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by Team IA

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