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Popularity of “Hunger Games/ X-Men” star Jennifer Lawrence has a pattern to it

by Akash Bhatia, April 23, 2014

The social media popularity of X-Men’s Mystique and leading heroine of ‘The Hunger Games’ film series, Jennifer Lawrence, has a pattern to it!

We ran an analyses of the Facebook fans of Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence across our users in India; it was interesting to see the obvious correlation between the growth in the number of fans on Facebook and her important life / media events.

We looked at the change/ increase in the number of fans and plotted various media events as well as significant life events i.e. Academy award for the movie ‘American Hustle’, her birthday, the various premiere shows for ‘The Hunger Games’ film, etc. Every spurt in the number of fans for Jennifer Lawrence can be attributed to an important event or media exposure.

What remains to be seen is the change in the social media fan metrics around the launch of the upcoming sequel of Jennifer Lawrence starrer X-Men. Will it be a point of exponential growth in her fan base?

Well, that only time will tell.

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