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Pepsi scores over Coca Cola!

by Akash Bhatia, November 22, 2013

Yes, you read it right. Pepsi beats Coca-Cola hands down – when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar’s fans.

Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest sporting icons out of India, retired last week, amidst great fanfare, and a highly emotional farewell. This got us to do a quick analysis on Sachin Tendulkar’s fans. Having processed over 80M users over the past few months and more than 5.9B attributes about these users, we had the necessary data to analyze Sachin’s relationship with his fans and their relationship with the brands he has endorsed.

Pepsi scored a cool 89.9% preference over Coca-Cola and Thums Up for this user group.

Sachin’s fans interest in Pepsi
Sachin’s fans prefer Pepsi

Out of the 1M fans we analyzed, 7.92% professed love for a cola. We grouped distinct likes, interests and posts about more than a dozen cola brands (Pepsi, Pepsi India, Coca-cola, Coca-Cola India, Coke, Thums Up, etc). Note that these are not mutually exclusive interests. That is, just because someone contributes to the Pepsi column does not imply that she does not contribute to the Coca-Cola or Thums-Up column. Seems like Pepsi’s marketing strategy has worked.

Our NLP, Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies help us establish relationships between users, brands and stars who endorse those brands.

Watch this space for more analyses on other brands or

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