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People who support Salman Khan’s “Being Human” are more likely to support social causes.

by Akash Bhatia, December 4, 2013

Being Human, a not-for-profit organization started by Bollywood Superstar, Salman Khan, has, in a span of a few years, become one of the most recognized brands in India and overseas. It has broken new ground in how a charitable organization can also appeal to the youth, remain hip and happening, and continues to support causes that it stands for.

But thats not all that is good about it. The best is as shown below.

We have analyzed over 4.8 million users to find patterns in consumer behavior (both online and offline). These are users from across the Indian subcontinent (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities) and some from overseas.

We analyzed that people who support or show an affinity to “Being Human”, have also shown an affinity to other social causes. They are on an average 10% more likely to support another social cause over people who do not, or show indifference to “Being Human”.

 Being Human fans above general population

Whether it’s a “Save the Tiger” campaign, or a cause in support of the Indian Armed Forces, these people are at the forefront, with their support. They are quite vociferous about their associations on Social Networks (through FB posts, tweets, likes, etc), leading to an increase in visibility for these causes.

NGO’s and charity organizations that want to find individuals who might volunteer or contribute towards their causes, should be on the look out for people who support Being Human.

Our Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies help us establish relationships between users, brands, stars who endorse those brands, affiliation to social causes & prediction of voter inclination. Our predictive analytics algorithms allow us to predict consumer behavior, whether online or offline with high accuracy.

Watch this space for more analyses on other brands, stars, causes and election analytics.

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