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JCB and La Folie customers are very similar

by Team IA, September 7, 2020

There is a very strong affinity between customers of La Folie Patisserie and those who are frequent visitors of upscale salon, Jean Claude Biguine.

Infinite Analytics has been analyzing over 1 billion data points to uncover and predict consumer behavior and help clients understand what drives their customers. This in turn helps the clients acquire and retain their customers, thus increasing their lifetime value and drives loyalty.

In this particular case, only users in Mumbai were analyzed. Initial analyses of users who preferred Jean Claude Biguine showed a very strong preference for La Folie (probability of 0.7). Typically, we have seen a one way affinity for most entities. For example, Raj Kumar Rao fans would show a strong affinity to Jaden Smith, but not vice versa. But in this case, for the first time, we have seen a two way affinity.

When we ran a similar analyses for customers of La Folie Patisserie, we found a very similar affinity of their customers to Jean Claude Biguine (probability of 0.68). It could only mean that the customers of La Folie and Jean Claude Biguine are the same/similar, have a similar spending potential, and perhaps even similar lifestyles.

What remains to be seen is, which set of customers is a subset of the other.

Stay tuned for further analyses from Infinite Analytics along with other insights on consumer behavior.


by Team IA

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