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Intelligent Yoga, AI-based instructors, and Intelligent Mats: Futuristic Yoga

by Team IA, July 24, 2021

What is the first thing that occurs to you if we were to discuss wellness? Natural therapies, spas, pranic healing, and yoga come to us. What if we tell you AI-assisted Yoga will be the next big thing in wellness? Say hello to Zenia, a Belarus-based start-up  which helps make Yoga accessible to all. Zenia is a virtual yoga assistant using ML along with movement recognition tech to guide people through their yoga asanas. The app is designed in a way that it will topple the current regime of video yoga-alongs, which though useful, cannot ensure you are following the instructions right. To perform the asanas correctly is the key to getting the maximum benefit from your daily yoga sessions. Zenia gives step-by-step instructions on the position you must be standing or seated in, and how you must feel doing these asanas. As of now the app caters to basic and mid-level asanas, while more advanced asanas are in the pipeline.

MixPose, is another yoga posture-recognizing app which helps in improving the downward dog and tree pose positions of the users with AI. The San Francisco-based app uses PoseNet pose estimation networks, and with this app the yoga gurus and students can engage remotely on the basis of the AI pose estimation.

Sofia, another AI-based personal yoga instructor comes with a voice assistant that helps improve your postures as you perform your asanas. The ace up its sleeve is real-time pose recognition which makes using Sofia an interactive experience. You can move on to the next step of the asana upon finishing the previous one correctly.  Sofia comes with yoga playlists designed at tackling health issues for a customized experience. It is aimed at helping the obese, those who are working from home due to Covid, those with busy schedules who are unable to visit a gym or other fitness classes, and those suffering from migraine, insomnia, and asthma.

While there are apps galore for Yoga, why must equipment be far behind? wellnesys has come up with YogiFi, an intelligent yoga mat developed with inputs from yoga experts. Like others, it gives step-by-step instructions and gives posture corrections recommendations in real-time. The mat helps you analyse your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance after each session. One can also check their pre and post-workout vitals. What’s next one wonders? They will soon be coming up with YogiFi Pro, delivering immersive experiences as you perform your asanas. This one engages all the senses resulting in better relaxation and targets holistic healing of the user. It will have visual, audio, smell, and touch elements embedded into the mat.

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by Team IA

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