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How AI is defining the future of fragrance: A lowdown

by Team IA, April 16, 2021

It is no secret that archaeologists found beautiful jars of perfumes along with the mummified remains of the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamen. If those who studied the treasures of the tomb were mesmerized by this finding, then AI in fragrance has bigger surprises in store. AI in perfumery is now a reality and quite likely the future of fragrance too. We can sense jaws dropping at your end of the screen if we say that your favourite Oud & Mandarin perfume with the best woody fragrance of Oud and the fruity, sweetness of mandarins, is very likely to be high-end lab-manufactured replicas of these natural scents. This trend of synthetic scents found its way to our dressing tables as the middle class wanted affordable products as against the natural products. 

Increasing longevity of natural fragrances

As some of the biggest fragrance manufacturers are working once again to make a departure from synthetic scents in favour of the natural, they are constantly faced with the constraint of making the scent last. Natural scents tend not to be long lasting. Enter Artificial Intelligence which has made it possible to evaluate the length of the perfume’s intensity i.e. how strongly can you smell it over a period of time. By increasing the concentration of some ingredients coupled with new-age distillation techniques fragrance manufacturers can make the best and long-lasting versions of natural perfumes.

Ability to suggest alternate perfume formulations

Carto, an AI scent creation tool by Givaudan uses an Odour Value Map to enable perfumers to make their formulas. AI can also suggest varied ingredients or formulas to create new scents. Philyra, an AI tool developed by IBM Research in association with Symrise uses ML to suggest fragrance formulas favoured by certain demographics.

Smart perfumes to soon be a reality

Ninu, will be the world’s first smart perfume device when it gets its pending patent. It is a perfume gadget made using AI. The refillable cologne device comes in a canister which can store three different fragrances. These on-demand fragrances can be customized on phones and dispensed in different quantities depending on the user’s current mood or need. And if you’re feeling particularly smart, you could even conjure up a whole new fragrance using different ratios than the pre-loaded ones.

The perfumer’s nose is considered supreme in the world of perfumery due to the ability to concoct various fragrance formulations. AI may bring an end to that with the advent of Philyra and other AI tools in fragrance. Will AI topple the ‘nose’ or simply augment the perfumer’s task is something the future shall tell.

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by Team IA

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