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Four Ways In Which AI Will Revolutionize Healthcare

by Team IA, February 5, 2021

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry as we know it today.  The team at IA worked with 30 Municipalities across the country on Covid-19 Contact Tracing. We tracked over 14,750 Hotspots continuously, across 23 states in India. We have spoken about how Contact Tracing will continue to be helpful just as in the past. Through our meta mobility data analysis, we helped mitigate the virus by alerting the authorities that even though containment zones were created, people were still visiting the other zones for daily work like buying groceries or using a public space like toilets, as all zones did not have the said facilities. We have also previously spoken about how AI could be used in Covid vaccine distribution. But with a string of ongoing innovations with interesting outcomes, the lives of patients, doctors, as well as medical staff will improve for the better.  Wearable tech is already in vogue. FitBits are common and smartwatches too can analyze health data and alert patients as well as doctors about possible health issues. We feel AI will play an integral part to revolutionize Healthcare

Acceleration of administrative tasks to AI

Insider Intelligence, suggests 30% of healthcare costs go towards administrative tasks. These can be significantly brought down with the help of AI. Most of the administrative tasks like providing better front-desk experience, resolving any confusion regarding paperwork, follow-up of unpaid bills, and maintenance of records, etc. can definitely be automated. This will ensure  time-saving, cost-cutting, and healthcare professionals can focus on more important tasks at hand. 

Lab work, image analysis, and diagnosis

AI is already being used to predict and diagnose diseases at a faster rate than healthcare professionals across the world.  You would have heard of the Israel based AI enabled assistant aids radiologists by analyzing imaging scans around clinical findings it has already studied. It then passes on such information to its colleagues, the radiologists who can study this information before making the diagnosis. Another example is that of PathAI that is working with  drug developers, Bristol-Myers Squibb as well as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to expand the scope of its AI across healthcare industries. They are working on ML which will help pathologists in even more accurate diagnosis. When implemented, this can decrease chances of human error, misdiagnosis, especially in diseases such as cancer. It can even help in charting a customized medical treatment path for every patient when the system is fed with their medical details. 

Health Chatbots

Patients complaining about poor customer care services is almost a thing of the past with health chatbots working towards better patient interaction, emergency help, medication management and updates, along with a number of other situations where the workload of healthcare professionals can be eased. Northwell Health, New York’s largest healthcare provider, has launched a chatbot to decrease the incidences of no-shows of patients due for colonoscopy which is fundamental in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. This chatbot motivates and encourages patients by resolving any misunderstandings about the procedure. It is only a matter of time when this would be adopted the world over.

Robotic Surgery

In a move that is revolutionizing healthcare, surgeons across fields are increasingly using the help of trusted AI assistants, especially for invasive surgeries. Here, robots come in handy to detect sensitive areas such as smaller nerves for precision surgery which results in lesser blood loss, especially in anamic patients and this also aids speedy recovery. Though this AI tech has been around for a while now, it has been further improved to be used in advanced burn surgeries for very accurately detecting the precise affected area.

We are data storytellers. These are just a few instances making a case for increased use of AI tools in diagnosis and treatment of diseases along with aiding healthcare professionals. TheĀ  sphere of work ranges from administrative services to performing surgeries. The future is as big as human imagination. Our insights will give you not only a windshield-view unlike rear-view like most other solutions but we also believe that clients should spend as necessary and not as much they can afford. Write to us at to know how we can help grow your business.


by Team IA

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