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Four Habits of Highly Effective Data Scientists

by Team IA, October 23, 2021

Data Science entails many disciplines and good data scientists are likely to be adept at AI, ML, Data Mining, Deep Learning et al. But what are some of the habits that make a data scientist an effective one? Let’s find out!


While things may be working well in a certain direction, it is a good data scientist who turns things around a little and explores new possibilities. By improvising and being open to change they are able to stay relevant with the changing times. This is especially useful due to the fast changing pace of this industry. To experiment more and more needs to be up-to-date with the latest tech. This helps in being at par with or even ahead of the competition, and taking your company to greater heights.


Along with keeping abreast with the changing tech, one also needs to have the right network to be able to grow professionally. But beyond getting that pay hike or a better designation, networking with the right people helps improve your vision. With the ever-changing nature of data science, and the intricacies it involves, having community support helps overcome many problems which can be a daily tussle for data scientists. If you are at an advanced stage of your career, have mentees whom you can nurture, write about your experiences and experiments, and talk about them on Social Media.

Independent Learning

The amount of knowledge you can gather in this field is astonishing. Independent learning, outside of what you are already working at, over and above a college degree or a training at a job is what you must strive for. Track trends by reading research papers. Sometimes these research papers are so insightful that you may find the answer to a problem you are trying to solve at work. Discussing the research papers with your peers also helps a great deal in executing your work in a better manner.

Coding Skills

More often than not, data scientists try to evade the coding bit of their job. A very primary knowledge of programming languages such as R, Python, JavaScript etc is they are the foundation of any data-related tasks. You could look up a plethora of online courses to know the basics of coding. This is one skill which is absolutely necessary if you want to leave an indelible mark at work.

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by Team IA

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