Incredible, Unbelievable, Surely you are joking, Mr. Bhatia (an ode to Richard Feynman, I guess!) –

These are some of the emails/messages I received to my mailer three weeks back.

The mailer was about how India’s answer to Casper Mattress – Flo Mattress (Direct-to Consumer Mattresses) got a 39x ROI on their digital marketing spends using the Infinite Analytics Customer Acquisition Platform. You could also read about it here.

I guess people have gotten so used to tall claims being made by agencies before the pitch, and then reconciling themselves to barely palpable increase in ROI, that this seemed like an atrocious and outrageous claim – using AI to achieve 39x ROI in Customer Acquisition.

So we decided to get Kshitij Rihal, the Co-founder & COO of Flo Mattress to speak to you about it. So it’s no longer just a tall claim, but an actual reality about our Customer Acquisition platform.

Check the video of Kshitij talking about it above.

IA and Flo started working on their customer acquisition campaigns 3 months back. Immediately, we were able to demonstrate a positive ROI to them. Within 3 months and across all digital platforms, the right target audiences were identified and worked upon, the campaigns continuously optimized (every single day), Conversions were increased and the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) was brought down drastically.

We, at IA, are excited about Flo and its growth, and are happy to be playing a part in its exponential growth story.

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