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Five AI-Powered Gadgets You Will Love

by Team IA, May 5, 2021

As AI is here to say so are AI-powered gadgets. From intelligent drone-cameras, home appliances to security devices, these gadgets are functional and practical, sassy and next-gen. Among a bevy of AI-powered gadgets here are our top picks!

AI-powered washing machines

Bi-lingual fully automatic front load washing machines with Hindi and English user interface are the hottest home appliances in the market. One of the early adapters, Samsung has launched  21 new models that will have AI features such as remembering laundry routines of customers and suggesting frequently used wash cycles. The IoT-enabled WMs can also be connected to SmartPhones, Smart TVs, as well as AI-powered assistants like Alexa and Google Home. Listing consumer convenience as a priority, these AI-powered machines fix glitches without the requirement of calling a service center or going through the user-manual. Functions such as HomeCare Wizard, Laundry Recipe, Laundry Planning, and location-based recommendations make a mundane core such as laundry easy to handle.

Smart Button Controller

Smart Button Controller is the AI-powered tech everyone has dreamt about at some point in their life. As the name suggests this device works with Alexa, Siri, Google Home etc to make all your traditional devices remote controlled. So with companies like Adaprox Fingerbot, you can now turn on your coffee pot or a fan through voice or app control using this efficient device which is compatible with different buttons or switches. It sticks to any surface and operates the buttons for you. has launched 

Wearable Vision Assistant

The extraordinary gadget OrCam MyEye can be fitted into spectacles of those who are visually impaired or those who face reading difficulties. The AI-powered smart camera tech helps users to see in a better manner. The inbuilt camera takes a picture and sends information about the picture which is ‘audible’ to the user. The camera also reads printed text to the user upon detecting such text. It can be used by those aged 6 years and above and is currently helping people across many countries to see better. It is also a great companion for children with special needs as they can play educational games too. It can be connected and controlled using an iPad.

AI Enabled Personal Camera

This super sleek, palm-sized personal drone-camera combo comes with facial recognition and object recognition are now a thing. One such AI enabled personal camera, PowerVision, has safe return intelligence and can be activated with gestures so as to help you signal commands while shooting. It can also land and take off during the rain.

Intelligent Indoor Camera

Indoor Cameras can now be connected to SmartPhones to alert you when the camera detects motion or sounds. It can detect a baby’s cry, a stranger’s entry, broken glass etc. and aids in detecting intruders. Intelligent cameras like Blurams Home Pro Intelligent can have up to 4 cameras that can be connected in the house to cover a vast area. The camera works with wi-fi and has advanced night vision tech. Videos can be archived and the device can be connected to assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. 

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by Team IA

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