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Elderly Care In For A Overhaul with AI

by Team IA, November 21, 2021

Caregiving as we know it now is already changing as you read this blog. The rich and the savvy are making use of what is known as ‘age tech’ to monitor the elderly with homecare solutions, nursing, and assisted living. While AI may be helping in making elderly care more manageable there are questions raised about its accuracy, and even about consent and privacy. But for now let us see what this new tech brings along. Beyond nanny cams and life alert pendants, there are AI algorithms which detect unusual behaviour in the daily activities of the seniors and send warning signs to their primary caregivers. Little and big things are monitored and raised by AI systems. For example, a lot of motion at night, too many visits to the loo, can all be a warning sign that something is off.

There are specific AI tools such as CarePredict, a watch-like device that delivers actionable insights through real-time alerts, web-based dashboards and self-serve reports. The caregivers get notified about specifics such as potential elopement, entry into restricted areas, night movement outside residence area, and too much time spent in the bathroom.

Such use of AI tech is already being done in places such as the Bay Area, where a start-up called SafelyYou installed cameras to monitor approximately 23 apartments. The system has been trained to alert the paramedics in case there is a fall which is bad enough to warrant medical attention such as a paralyzing fall or if an elderly gets hit on the head. Sometimes the elderly fall and need help to get back up, and the staff happily help.

In the near future AI will also play a role in helping reduce cognitive decline or developing dementia by interacting with the elderly for social engagements. These tools are just supplementary to human social interaction and hence should not be seen as a replacement. That said, such software also makes it easy for elders to interact with each other.

Many new age AI powered tools are being put to use in elderly homes where AI and predictive analytics help as an encouragement for staff by making their tasks easier. These tools notify the residents of elderly homes of their appointment schedules; meal times etc and aid the staff. Automated data collection will cut back paperwork and the staff can also verbally take notes via digital assistants. Armed with such tools the staff at these homes can dedicate more time to providing personalized care.

We have earlier written about wearable tech in healthcare and how AI can make mental healthcare more accessible in detail.

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by Team IA

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