Yes, you read it right – Don’t be a Unicorn!

A few weeks back, Unicorn, an e-scooter startup in the US, shut shop, after blowing all their money on Facebook and Google Ads. They did not deliver any scooters, for which they had raised money, and neither were they able to refund the money. 


This happens when your strategy of acquiring users/increasing sales depends on the algorithms and on the targeting of the duopoly of Facebook and Google ad platforms. 

In contrast, here is the story of Flo Mattress, India’s answer to Casper, the DTC mattress company. Flo’s ROI on their digital ad spends hit the peak of 39x sometime back. They continue to get an ROI of 15x – 20x on their ad spends. For those who came in late, here is the video of Kshitij Rihal, the co-founder of Flo, talking about how they achieved that ROI.

Infinite Analytics’ AI based audience segments and targeting helps companies and brands identify the right audiences and what is it that drives them, spending potential, brand affinities that enable them to make that purchase. It all comes from a platform that has processed over 850m user data (non-PII) to understand consumer behavior.

Don’t let any agency fool you into spending massive monies behind FB and Google ads. Talk to us about how we can help you achieve such ROI.

Also talk to us about our optimization platform that you could use within your company, to optimize your campaigns.

So don’t be a Unicorn (or let your portfolio company be one!)

Happy Holidays!


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