Customer Acquisition Using
Infinite Analytics Digital Marketing Technology

Reaching the right audience on the right platforms resulting in increased engagement and a lower cost of acquisition

Infinite Analytics’ Lookalike Platform

  • An AI Platform That Discovers YOUR Lookalike Audience
  • Utilizing Data Harvested from Publicly Available Sources and From YOUR Database of Customers
  • Unifying All of the Data Using Knowledge Databases
  • Using Machine Learning to Perpetually Improve YOUR Lookalike Audience

Infinite Analytics’ Audience

  • Creating Newer Segments of Potential Customers
  • Identifying Affinities, Predictors, and Trends Most Closely Associated With YOUR Customers
  • Developing In-depth Profiling All Without Using Any Personal Data

Infinite Analytics’ Campaign Execution

  • Launching Digital Marketing Campaigns For YOU
  • Utilizing YOUR Company’s Branding and Creative Assets
  • Creating An Optimum Media Plan To Achieve YOUR Campaign Goals

Infinite Analytics’ Insights and Advisory

  • Providing Continuous and Automated Monitoring of YOUR Campaigns
  • Continuously Optimizing Your Lookalike Audience From Our Campaign Feedback
  • Providing Ongoing Insights That Can Be Leveraged in Content Creation

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Lookalike Campaign

What the IA Lookalike Platform
Will Provide Your Company

  • Creation of a Robust Lookalike Model
  • Identification of New Target Segments
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Understanding and Articulating Who YOUR Customers Are
  • Creation of Optimized Campaigns That Result in Higher Engagement
  • SEO Support to Identify Keywords and Tags
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