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Delving Into The Wonder That is 3D Realism

by Team IA, October 17, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, the release of Nike’s Air Shoe video made headlines. The shoe in question was not a real shoe but just a 3D AR object which would make the viewer believe it was a real shoe. London-based, M-XR Studio, company which made this video, makes 3D Realism a reality. What made the shoe seem so real was the light which was falling on it and the fact that it moved when the camera moved. There was, of course, a whole lot of attention the texture of the shoe as well.

Till date, AI has helped brands drive sales with personalized recommendations on e-commerce portals, but what has been missing is the touch and feel of the products people want to buy. But Augmented Reality and 3D Realism give customers more confidence in buying a product. Currently, on e-commerce portals people can see products from a selected few angles through pictures or videos available on these websites. Once the same products are seen using AR, the customers are more likely to keep the product and not return it as the reality meets expectations while using AR. Rather than just browsing images people can see thread-level detail, accurate depth, accurate diffuse and specular maps. In the future this tech can also help people visit a place they can’t visit for several reasons. These realistic 3D models have been made possible with the company’s proprietary precision scanning system. With the use of machine learning and custom optics, they “extract a full range of material properties, such as diffuse, specular, roughness, IOR and transparency”. Besides, customers can ‘feel’ these objects too, as these models reacting to light in the right manner.

M-XR studio was set up with the aim of changing how people would interact with the 3D world in the times to come. This tech can be applied to gaming, films, as well as visual effects. They are currently focussing on using AI to create tools which can automate a big part of the creation process of 3D realism.

Like it or not AR in products is here to stay. Experts are betting on AR helping in reducing weight, especially in the fashion industry whose future lies in more customized clothing which can be seen instantly using the latest tech. Start-ups can make use of this tech by showcasing products using AR. The possibilities are endless with them having a virtual store for the world to come and see.

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by Team IA

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