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Can a data-backed approach change sports as we know it?

by Team IA, June 26, 2021

Can a data-backed approach change sports as we know it? 

Artificial Intelligence can be easily applied to anything that can be measured or calculated. Sports is no exception. The recent past has seen an increased use of AI in sports. With its growing impact and positive outcome when applied to the field, it won’t be wrong to assume a greater role for AI in sports in the times to come. Here’s how it is being currently used across many areas. 


The fitness and potential of players is the key to forming strong, performing teams. A major area in which AI helps in sport is in the search for new players. Previous data from performances can be used to predict the potential of players in the future. For baseball, player data can be collected through AI such as speed, angle etc. to present insights which can be extremely useful to the recruiters in making their final decision with respect to which players to take on-board. 


By using Virtual Reality tools and apps, baseball hitters and batters can be trained to perfect their play. It can also be used in doing the correct workouts. Asensei has a coaching platform which steers individuals to the correct method of workouts by using motion capture sensors fitted in sports apparel. Besides athletes, coaches can be trained to make better decisions about the line-ups before a match by analyzing the opponents on various parameters such as speed, tennis serve, pass, etc.

Performance Analysis 

Players and coaches can use AI to review their own performance and also that of the opponents and get insights about the strengths and weaknesses of particular players. Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and Goal Line Technology (GLT) have been extremely beneficial in soccer by helping with additional support which referees can make use of to arrive at the right decisions. ML-based Apps have also been developed which can help predict the direction of the game (win or loss) for the coming 15 minutes. Mustard uses AI to analyze an athlete’s performance and gives tips to improve it. 

Something for the audiences too! 

Spectators too can benefit from AI. Tennis fans are particularly in luck thanks to IBM’s Watson AI technology which helps them see the game up close. IBM Watson recognizes the best match moments, listens to crowd cheer, and detects reaction, notices the body language etc. and generates highlights of the match accordingly. Sports teams also use chatbots to answer queries of fans on a wide range of subjects. If there’s something the bot can’t handle, human reps are roped in to intervene.

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by Team IA

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