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BJP slightly ahead of the Congress!

by Akash Bhatia, November 27, 2013

Continuing our series of analyzing fans of Sachin Tendulkar, we now look at how Sachin’s fans are inclined politically.

BJP is slightly ahead of the Congress, when it comes to winning the hearts of Sachin’s fans. Although, the close contest shows us that Sachin’s appeal cuts across party lines.

We used a binary classifier to bin users as BJP or Congress supporters based on their social network behavior.

BJP leads INC in capturing the hearts of Sachin’s fans

Sachin’s Rajya Sabha election through the Congress has probably not affected the BJP as much!

We also used Regression Analysis to classify their leaning towards the BJP or the Congress. In this, lower values indicate a vote to the Congress and higher values indicate a vote to the BJP.

Our NLP, Machine Learning and Semantic Technologies help us establish relationships between users, brands, stars who endorse those brands, and even party affiliation & prediction of voter inclination.

Factors determining proclivity to a particular party.

Watch this space for more analyses on other brands and election analytics.

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