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AI Makes Big Strides in Treatment of Dementia

by Team IA, August 17, 2021

We are already in love with how AI is defining new standards in healthcare systems across the world, one discipline at a time. Enabled by machine learning and AI neuroimage analysis has been improvised which has further led to discoveries in biological pathways involved in dementia.

Diagnosis in just a day

As of today, diagnosing dementia is a challenge and takes a mix of several tests to arrive at. It is likely that in the near future dementia diagnosis can be done with the help of a single scan of the brand. This advanced scan powered by AI will also be able to tell if the condition will worsen with time or remain similar. According to researchers, an early diagnosis can improve the quality of life of patients as early interventions can delay the progress of the disease. The AI algorithm is trained such that it identifies certain patterns in the tests or scans which trained medical professionals are also not capable of.

Dementia Prevention

Truly, prevention is better than cure. Horizon 2020 funded AI-mind is a five year project dedicated to making AI backed tools to screen the brain for the risk of dementia. On agenda for AI-Mind, is to develop two AI-based tools – one, which will seek to spot dysfunctional brain networks, and the other, will evaluate the risk of dementia using data from the former along with advanced testing as well as genetic biomarkers. Both the tools will then be included on a single platform and spot the disturbances in the brain networks as well as evaluate the risk for dementia, thereby, making customized reports for patients so that their individual cases can be investigated further.

According to estimates the number of people suffering from dementia is likely to hit 82million by 2030.  With its numerous implications from financial to familial and emotional, a delay in its onset can reduce the burden of dementia on the life of a person. AI-Mind, therefore, helps in reducing this burden by timely management of treatable illnesses such as diabetes and blood pressure which contribute to the onset of dementia.  Besides, the patient, doctors across the world will also benefit from this technology as precise diagnosis and prediction of dementia risk will help make their job easier. Instead of dealing with a patient at an advanced stage of dementia, they will soon be able to treat them early on.

What is heartening is that every field from medicine to sports is adapting to AI to take giant leaps for mankind. If you are aware of more such use of AI, do write to us at

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by Team IA

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