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AI can help you lose weight!

by Team IA, August 6, 2021

AI can help you lose weight! Yes you read that right. We have previously discussed how AI takes wellness to a whole different level with AI-powered yoga mats, wellness gadgets, and more. But weight loss with the help of AI is a possibility too. Some people don’t gain weight at all while they eat all they can, others may not eat as much but gain weight massively. All our weight-related issues are hidden in our genes. Genebox, a dry lab, has been conducting research on DNA diets, and they convert genetic data to reports. The company operates on the predictive analysis model for wellness and research. Instead of going the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach they work on a personalized approach on the basis of your genes.

When approximately 100 genes ascertain how a person’s body behaves with their intake of a particular food, Genebox has access to 700,000 data points for just one person. Genetic mutations along with other factors rule your fitness levels. Genebox provides genomic insights such as fitness genomics which includes endurance, power, flexibility, injury risk etc.,  nutrigenomics which includes regulation of eating, weight management, food intolerances, macronutrient response, micronutrient requirements. Such insights are indicative and further need the help of an expert to put them into action so that they can be used by individuals for weight-loss and other preventive health measures.

If one has access to these insights one can also get a highly personalized way of losing weight by knowing what works for the body and what doesn’t unlike a traditional nutritionist or dietician who makes diet plans on broad categories of factors such as diabetic and non-diabetic plans, athletic plans etc.

AI-guided diets, though in their nascent stages, will soon take the shape of softwares which will be able to make customized diets. These plans may not only consider your mobility, your health factors, family history etc. but will also take into account your digestive health. Such diet plans will go a long way in controlling diabetes, checking heart disease, and other illnesses. Nutritionists may, infact, be at the risk of becoming redundant once such softwares is launched. How they evolve and stay relevant will be determined by their value addition.

Tampa-based startup EnvisionBody will soon be leveraging the power of AI and AR, to help individuals attain their health and fitness goals. The EnvisionBody app will allow users to see “enhanced” images of themselves in real-time video. For example if you are at 80 kgs, you can see your real picture when you lose a couple of kilograms. EnvisionBody uses this image of self to motivate the user to lose weight. It can be safely said AI is making strides in helping humans in their weight-loss goals.

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by Team IA

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