Among its many firsts, AI helped resurrect Picasso’s lost artwork. Sotheby’s, the world’s largest, most trusted and dynamic  marketplace for art too has deep dived into data as is evident from its acquisition of the startup, Thread Genius, a virtual  search engine of sorts which harnesses the power of neural networks. It is capable of finding similar artworks to help  streamline art appraisals. Delhi based Art Gallery Nature Morte held a group show Gradient Descent in 2018 featuring AI  artworks and St. Petersburg’s Dalí Museum used deepfake technology to create a life-sized deepfake of the artist from his old  interviews and uses it to deliver quotes attributed to him.

At Artmarq, as the name suggests, Art Market Data meets Artificial Intelligence. Artmaq works by analysing data from public art sale records. They then track and add more dimensions to data including art deals made online. Artists, Curators, Art Collectors or Art Fair Executives or Online Startup Leaders stand to benefit as they can make informed decisions on the basis of data and analytics. Art consultants and gallerists, and those exploring the commercial side of art can use Artmaq for market research and competition analysis. Custom reports of specific artists or genre of art, or even market segments are made available to make the use of data as versatile as it can be. Artmaq can also serve as a useful tool for art educators and students.

Just like the resurrection of Picasso’s lost artwork, deep learning is used to understand the style of an artwork, and what makes it really stand out. These insights are then used to create a new masterpiece by Users can get artwork created in the styles of greats such as Kandinsky and Van Gogh using photographs or even inputs provided by them.  

Bulgari too dived into the field and created a gigantic art installation backed by AI in 2021. The installation was inspired by the serpenti symbol. The project was undertaken in collaboration with media artist Refik Anadol to create an immersive, digital artwork using real time AI and scent augmentation. The multi-sensory artwork was exhibited in Milan, Italy and then, there were plans to turn it into an NFT. Take that!

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