An impact of Epic proportions!

In recent months, Artificial Intelligence has had a significant impact on numerous industries and will most likely become increasingly prominent in the coming years. Google, IBM, Apple and Amazon are only a few companies that have incorporated AI into their business practices, but this technology is not reserved for the tech giants of the world and its impact will be felt on everyday life far sooner than most realize.

Today, AI is helping business, brands and enterprises of all sizes in a variety of fields to offer better products and services allowing them to compete with bigger companies and give them an edge over their competition. AI based services are even seeping into the world of organic television where their presence is definitely being felt.

How IA and AI helped Epic climb the ratings chart!

Epic TV, India’s one-of-its-kind infotainment channel that hosts a myriad of shows exploring everything from mythology and history to cricket and food was looking to reach out to newer customer segments to showcase curated content and ensure meaningful engagement. Reaching out to previously untapped customer segments posed a unique challenge that required a radical approach that went beyond the simple modeling provided by Facebook and various other social media platforms.

Epic TV employed our Artificial Intelligence platform, “ian” to drive targeted ‘Customer Acquisition’ campaigns.

The Infinite Analytics Nucleus or “ian” uses cutting edge AI and Deep Learning algorithms to analyze and understand consumer behavior and target specific audiences with a level of precision previously unseen. At this point you might be thinking what exactly does all this mean from a business point of view?

Impact of Infinite Analytics Nucleus (ian) on Epic Channel’s Brand Campaign

Simply put, with ian steering the campaigns to the right audiences Epic TV saw a near 300% increase in conversions but also a reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by over 50% in just under 2 months.

Aditya Pittie, Managing Director, Epic TV: “Infinite Analytics has shown us how AI, Machine Learning and Data Science can create an impact by micro segmenting our audiences based on each show, its audiences, the tastes of these audiences, and the various dimensions these micro segments show. Its a new way of acquiring quality audiences that are interested in our shows, eventually increasing our TV ratings.”

How is ian able to deliver such impressive numbers in such a short period of time? Our platform takes the guesswork out of conventional marketing methods used by digital ad agencies, generating intelligent campaigns that engage audiences.

So where does that leave us ?

Epic TV climbed in the BARC ratings and is currently in the top 5 infotainment channels in India setting a benchmark in the television industry.

ian is capable of far more than just Customer Acquisition and can optimize your business in numerous ways. At Infinite Analytics we seek to take the best in groundbreaking AI technologies and bring them to your everyday life. If you are interested in how ian can help increase the top line of your business, then reach out to us at contactus@infiniteanalytics.com

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